New Seiko 5 Sport With Brian May Review


For people who are fans of the Seiko 5 Sports range as well as the legendary guitarist Brian May, Seiko has only announced a cooperation with the celebrity. Brian May has contributed the iconic watch brand permission to create a version of this Seiko 5 version that has been inspired by May’s Red special electric guitar.
Throughout May’s long music career he depended on his Red unique guitar to generate the iconic sound of Queen which people still know and love today. Not only has his guitar turned into a part of his extensive music career but also his Seiko divers watch which he purchased whilst he was on tour in Japan in the 1970s. May made the guitar with his father, some of the key components included wood from a fireplace over 100 years of age!
Seiko 5 Sport Red Special Design

Seiko watches

It is mainly the dial of the watch which will show off these special features with a black and red dial using a curved feature down the middle. The back of the Seiko watch may also come with Brian May’s touch and’Limited Editon’ round the back.
This timepiece is going to be limited to 9000 bits and will be published later on this season in May. The opinion is going to be shown in a guitar style case box which also includes a commemorative coin that’s based on the sixpenny piece that May carried around with him throughout his career. Tell us in the comments below!