Men’s watches selected for formal use

Except for numbers, trademarks, factory names, and brands, there is no need for other patterns that have no effect on the watch. Choose men’s watches for formal occasions, especially need to keep this in mind. If the patterns on the watch are weird and diverse, it is not only not conducive to use, but it may be a joke. Function timing is the most important function of the watch.
Therefore, the men’s watches used in formal occasions, regardless of whether they are pointer, skipping or timekeeping, should have this function, and they should be accurate to the hour and minute, and it is better to be accurate to the second. Watches that are only accurate to the time are obviously not in compliance. Some additional functions, such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, direction, blood pressure, pace, etc., are all optional, and nothing is better. In short, the functions of men’s watches should be few and precise, and should have practical value.
Blancpain Dark Chocolate [Maximum Reproduction 1: 1] 5000-110-B52A of Blancpain 50 series, commonly known as-[Deep Diver] New product launch event: Scheduled to provide a pair of strap buckle two screwdrivers. 43.6mm medium size feel, the mechanical watch adopts 316 stainless steel material, but through the use of metal brushing effect, this makes the watch have a distinctive sense of fashion, in line with the aesthetic requirements of men today. The main details are as follows: 1. The mirror is made of imported sapphire, which is plated with blue light like the original one. 2. The crown is decorated with exquisite gear patterns, the top is decorated with metal brushing, and the brand logo is engraved. 3. The bezel is a unidirectional bezel, with regular and meticulous thread concave around. Groove design 4 The belt is made of highly waterproof canvas material 5 The watch uses a typical pin-shaped wrist buckle, made of stainless steel, and engraved with the Blancpain brand logo as a decoration 5 The back cover is clear through the back-transparent bottom case See the beautifully assembled 1315 self-winding movement.